Image Credits:

Author: thephotoimpact
Date Taken: 10-12-2014

Photograph Details:

Sometimes when you are out and about you see something that captures your attention. It does not have to be anything spectacular, but you know that you want to remember it at that specific point in time. Click. The image is captured. Now what?

In thinking about the image, you start to wonder how it could be enhanced to present better. On the other hand, you start to think about what modifications can be made that change the overall feeling and mood you had when you pressed that button.

Let’s remove the color and see what happens.


Anyone else feel that. Its that feeling you get when you hear disappointing news. Removing the color sucked the life right out of the photo and the moment. But why?

Is it because I know what the original image looked like; and therefore, I judge this photo as having less beauty?
Is it because I am used to seeing things in color?

Is it that I do not know how to appreciate all the elements of the photo that make it unique?

It is more than likely a combination of all three.

Life can change suddenly or over time. Events can cause us to enhance the picture of our life or cause us to filter out the vibrancy of life. It is important that as life changes, we understand how to find the beauty or the good within every moment.

Because everything has value and beauty.




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