Pink Flower

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pink flower

Photo Details: Today was a brilliant day for photography. Flowers are in full bloom and the sun has opened up their hearts.


Red Revisited: Side View

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redflower sideview
Red flower sideview

Photo Details: Another red flower emerges to reveal its beauty one last time before the season change. Capturing it from a different angle provided me with a great opportunity to appreciate just how precious and wonderful nature can be. This image is raw and untouched. It has only be reduced in size to reduce page load time. Take a break Photoshop, Nature did just fine.


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Because everyone needs to converse

Summer Reds

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Red Flower with pedals focus
Red Flower surrounded by greenery
Red Flower in focus

Photo Details: I walked outside and saw this flower open and greeting the sun. Because this flower was so beautiful, I ran indoors to get the camera. Getting as close as I could, I was able to get a lot of great detail. Photoshop was used to increase vibrancy of the color.

HTML5: the game changer

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Details: While I appreciated the bread, fruit, and vegetable oil painting, I wanted to cover up the image and create something new. I sprayed over the original art with blue spray paint. This was done to reduce the amount of paint I needed for the base. Next I started working on the HTML5 shield in 3 different layers (1) Orange Shield (2) Lighter Orange Shield Reflection, and the White Number 5.

I like more linear and abstract art. The HTML5 logo will go nicely on the wall.


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The quality, not the longevity, of one’s life is what is important.
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