Smartphone Photography: Bugging Me

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Stink bug
Stage Name: Brown marmorated stink bug | Real Name: Halyomorpha halys
Stage Name: Brown marmorated stink bug | Real Name: Halyomorpha halys

Photo details: Smartphone photography using vivitar cell phone macro lens. Very impressed with this inexpensive lens kits.




3D Models With Blender

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3D Modeling Designs


A Turtle’s Song

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turtle jamming kinder egg toy
turtle jamming kinder egg toy

Photo Details: Kinder Eggs offered a cute little toy inside but they were forbidden in some countries due to child safety laws. While preparing this photo, I listened to Eric Clapton’s My Father’s Eyes. Not sure how that tune would sound with this pan pipe flute.

Bumble Bee

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bumble bee on flower
bumble bee on flower

Photo Details: Once again, I found myself appreciating nature in all its beauty. I had thought bumble bees to be peaceful and kind creatures. Upon photographing, I realized that the bumble likes to rumble. After a quick sprint away, I got the message that a few photos was all the bee would tolerate and I should move on. This photograph was taken using a smart phone with a few modifications using Photoshop.

While the smartphone does well, it cannot replace the image quality of a dedicated digital camera.

Smart-phone Photography

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fuzzy flower center
heart of flower bloom
flower peace pedals

Photo Details: For kicks and giggles, I decided to get a smartphone lens kit and discover a new avenue of photography. To my surprise, the macro lens did a great job capturing details that I have not been able to get before. To date, I have acquired several different lenses for use with smart phone cameras. This is going to be an interesting .  .  .

Pink Flower

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pink flower

Photo Details: Today was a brilliant day for photography. Flowers are in full bloom and the sun has opened up their hearts.