Cash and Curious

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Date Taken: 2017-01-27

Photo Details: I made the mistake of walking by the model cars in the toy department. Money just jumped out my pocket and paid for the 1:24 scale car.



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Date Taken: 2017-01-27

Photo Details: This collection of Vlado Footwear images highlight the importance of color and detail. Every part of the shoe should tell the story of the product and what the company stands for. Careful stitching and a well designed sole lets me know that the designers were serious about their work.

Thank you to all the designers out there.

Photo Montage

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Date Created: 2014-12-03

Photo Details: This is a montage of photos put together from images from the library of congress archives ( It was the product to be submitted for a photography course I took a few years ago. I got a kick out of it so I thought others might chuckle too.


KCR Watch

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Date Taken: 2016-12-26

Photo Details:

Once in a while, I see an object designed so well that I must get it for design inspiration. This Kenneth Cole Reaction watch captured my attention because of the intricate detail on the face plate. Yes, I could use it to get the time, but my real intention is to look at those clean lines embossed on a grayish blue background framed in brushed metal.

If I could redesign the watch, I would choose the more blue saturated face.In addition, I would possibly experiment with different colors. Either way, it is a well designed watch. Hats off to the designer.

Oil Painting

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Date Painted: 2016-11-12

Painting Details:

Painting is not familiar territory for me, but I decided to give oil painting a try. This is my first oil painting based on a still life scene set up by the instructor. Since art is difficult for me, I have adopted the principle I learned which is to capture the essence of the image. This relieves me of the burden of perfection, and gives me the freedom and license to improvise.


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Author: thephotoimpact
Date Completed: 11-26-2016

Image Details: After eyeing the artist’s figure model, I knew I needed to get one to amuse myself. In these two simple images I wanted to practice shooting in the dark and capturing shadows. Using Photoshop, I removed most color and altered the levels a bit. It was an interesting exercise.

My finding is that the camera appears to do well shooting in the dark without doing too much configuring. I need to work on focus though.

Tools used:

  • Night light
  • 18-55 mm lens