Being a photographer is hard work. To make life easier, the following are helpful tidbits to get you started:

  • Buy a DSLR bundled with some basic lenses. Get thee to a store or order from online retailer.
  • Learn the terminology so that when you are with photographers you aren’t lost.
  • If you are lost during an exchange, just take out a mobile phone with internet access and look for guidance. Everyone will just think you got a text message from someone.
  • Wear comfortable clothing.
  • Don’t be bashful. Get on the ground and take that worm’s eye view picture. Chase that little rabbit in the woods and get that photo.

Portrait Photography

  • You do not always need to blast music for people to get into the photo-taking mood
  • If you are taking a closeup photo, try not to hit your client in the head with the camera lens.
  • Photography lights are hot, please offer your client water before they pass out on the floor drop.
  • Be careful not to trip over any light chords
  • Don’t tell anyone they are a tiger and then growl at them. That is just not done anymore.

Commercial Photography

  • If your client will be jumping and running, make sure you have all the waivers signed. Just sayin’.
  • If you don’t support the product, don’t take the picture.

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